About us

Operating from a purpose built modern distribution centre in Fasouri near Limassol we supply key supermarket chains, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, contract supply to cruise lines and food service customers throughout the island, with well known food brands.

Our aim is to provide the highest standards of service and commitment, being passionate about the brands we represent, working to build brand presence and high market share for the long term.

Our products can be found in various supermarkets throughout the island, as well as our three modern supermarkets in Limassol and Famagusta.

Meet our Brands!

Importing more than 110 Quality Brands from all over the world, for the Cyprus market. Fulfilling the needs of both the Retail and Foodservice sector.

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What we Do!

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Selected Brands are Researched and then Importer from Every Corner of the World offering a Wide Variety of products!

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We Disperse Products to Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants and other Businesses - Both Retail & Horeca!

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Our Products can be Found at any of our Three Supermarkets in Limassol & Famagusta!

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We are Proud of our Diversification - Offering Exotic Cuisine products, Gluten Free, Organic & Vegan!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find our Products?

In various supermarkets across the island, as well as our three supermarkets.

Yes, we have a selection of more than 200 products in these two categories combined.

Of course, we have selection of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Mexican cuisines.